Amsterdam: Van Diemenstraat 374, 1013 CR Amsterdam

Public transport from Central Station Amsterdam (20 min.)
Take bus 48 from Amsterdam Central Station on the north-side (IJ-zijde) in the direction of Station Sloterdijk to stop Barentzplein. From this stop you follow the road into the Van Diemenstraat.

Walk from Central Station Amsterdam (15 min.)
Take the north-exit in the station (IJ-zijde) and turn left passing the ferries. Follow the water (IJ). On the other side of the street you will see the Kamer van Koophandel. Turn right, across the bridge: Westerdoksdijk. Follow this road for 500 meters to the traffic lights at the end. The road turns left, stay on the main road: Van Diemenstraat.

Car and park
Visit Google Maps for an itinerary. Parking fees are € 4,00 per hour. You can pay with or at the automat with cash or card. Parking space is hard to find in the center of Amsterdam (more information on parking in stadsdeel West).

Our office is the IJ-point-building: the third building on your right when you enter the Van Diemenstraat from Central Station (red bricks, semi-circle windows). Through the sliding doors, to the second floor, end of the hall to the left.


Our office (as seen from the Van Diemenstraat)


Van Diemenstraat 374
1013 CR Amsterdam
T: +31206257537
F: +31206274759